Our Safety Plan

The safety plan is descriptive on issues related to health and safety of workers On any given site. The safety policy is the responsibility of the management and worker in terms of Safety and health.

The implementation of the policy commences with wearing of personnel protective Equipment like helmets, overalls/dust coasts, safety shoes, goggles (Where as required), Dust mask etc; during the course of the workers duties, A safety officer is appointed amongst the workers, who ensure that the Protective equipment is worn during the working hours Safe working produres are to be adopted in areas of work which related to: Working at heights to provide a safely erected platform with horizontal Timber boards for the workers to stand on and provide a ladder to climb to the platform in a safe manner.

To provide and to maintain scaffolds to work on areas of false ceilings To protect / prevent for fall of any objects from heights. To allow for signage and precautionary measures like working signs indicating the type of work Being executed. There should be indicative signs to work against danger and Hazards in the Specific danger areas of work. Safety precaution in case of five (a) indicates /show signs of fire exit.

To allow for provision of a First AID BOX, which is easily accessibility? to a safety officer In cases of minor injuries? The FIRST AID BOX Should include Bandages and medication related To minor injuries Like bruises, cuts etc and tablets.