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Polycarbonate Sheet (Polycarbonate Hollow Sheet/PC Sheet)

  • Transmission of light: Excellent lighting, transparency can be equivalent to that of glass. The UV coated sheet in the sun exposure will not become yellowing, atomization, poor light transmission. The transmission loss is only 6% after ten years, but the PVC sheet is as high as 15%-20%, fiber glass sheet is as high as12% - 20%.

  • UV Coating : The Polycarbonate hollow sheet is coating with anti-ultraviolet (UV) on one side, the other side is with anti-condensation treatment, it is with the functions of anti-ultraviolet, insulation, anti-drop. PC Sheet can prevent the ultraviolet getting through; it is suitable for protecting valuable works of art and exhibits, to make it from UV damage.

  • Light weight: The proportion of PC is only 1/12 of normal glass, it’s unbreakable, to save the cost of transportation, unloading, installing and frame supporting.

  • Flame: The national standard GB/T2408-2008 confirmed that the Polycarbonate hollow sheet is a flame, HB level. The itself ignition of PC hollow sheet is 580 Celsius degrees, self-extinguishing when away from the fire, does not produce toxic gases when burned, and will not contribute to the spread of fire.

  • Bendable: Using cold-formed way at the site to install as vaulted according to the design. The minimum bend radius is 175 times of the thickness. It also can be warm-bended.

  • Sound insulation: The Polycarbonate sheet has better sound insulation compared with the same thickness of glass and acrylic sheet. Under the same conditions of same thickness, the acoustic volume of PC hollow sheet is 3-4DB higher than that of glass. PC is the first selection of noise barrier material in the highway in the world.

  • Energy-saving: Keep cool in summer, keep warm in winter. The Polycarbonate sheet is lower thermal conductivity (K value) than common glass and other plastic. The heat insulation effect is 7% and 25% higher than the same glass. The insulation of PC hollow sheet is up to that the heat loss is greatly reduced, it can be used in the construction with warm equipment, it’s the environmental protection material.

  • Weather resistance: The PC hollow sheet can maintain the stability of the physical indicators in the range of -40 ℃ to 120 ℃. After artificial weathering test of 4000 hours, yellowing is 2 degree, light transmittance value is only lower 0.6%.

  • Anti-condensation: The outdoor temperature is 0 ℃, the indoor temperature is 23 ℃.There is non-condensing inside surface of the material when the indoor relative humidity below 80%.

Item Standard Size (mm) of Polycarbonate Sheet Thickness (mm) of PC Sheet Weight (kg/ m2) of PC Hollow Sheet Min Curving Radius(mm) of Polycarbonate Hollow Sheet Min Span Accordingly(mm) General Color
PC Hollow Sheet Standar Length: 5800 Standar Width: 2100 and 1220 4 1.0 700 1500 Clear Opal Bronze Blue Lake blue Glass green Silver grey Porcelain white
6 1.3 1050 2000
8 1.5 1400 2700
10 1.5 1750 3000